[Album] Armat Jnr – Money Mago Mofoti EP.

Download mp3 audio EP: Armat Jnr – Money Mago Mofoti.

[Album] Armat Jnr – Money Mago Mofoti EP.

Armat Jnr a fast rising versatile rapper and lamba masta who is still enjoying massive success from his previously released EP with another fast rising indeginious rapper PORODINERO (NEW WAVE the EP).

He is not stopping soon and he’s not willing to let down his fan as he really put in so much energy on this Ep MMM!!! With features from Phil_Opex another versatile rapper and Khalifa Osha.

MMM the Ep consist of three tracks

1. MAGO Armat Jnr ft Phil_Opex and Khalifa Oosha.

2. MONEY Armat Jnr ft Phil_Opex.

3. MOFOTI Armat Jnr ft Phil_Opex.

All tracks are produced by Armat Jnr

All Tracks are on Fia

All Tracks are full of Vibes!!

1. Money || Download here

2. Mago || Download here

3. Mofoti || Download here